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High PPM H2 Water

It’s never been easier to hit your daily H2 milligram mark! Find out how you can get one fully compensated!

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  • Water
  • High H2
  • Batch



H2 Inhalation Machine

Take advantage of another method of administration for H2. Breathing hydrogen opens the door for new and different therapeutic benefits!

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  • Pure H2
  • Min. H2
  • Inhalation



High PPM H2 Water

Be the first to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of super-saturated hydrogen-rich water!

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  • Water
  • High H2
  • Batch



Under Counter H2 Device

Drink hydrogen-rich water without taking up precious counter-top space! Best deal for HIM on the market!

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  • Water
  • Min. H2
  • HIM



Portable H2 Water Device

Finally a portable device that can provide a therapeutic dose of hydrogen! Sleek and compact design for H2 water on the go!

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  • Water
  • Min. H2
  • Portable



Hydrogen Tablets

Now you can have High PPM H2 Water anywhere you go! Pop one tablet in a glass and drink up – any time, any place!

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  • Supplement
  • High H2
  • Mg. Tablets



Packaged H2 Beverages

Get your H2 fix, complete with other nutrients, and available in multiple flavors! A new and fun way to intake H2!

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  • Beverage
  • Min. H2
  • Pre-Package



Packaged H2 Water

Smooth, refreshing, great tasting H2 water is now as easy as popping a top! Featured in ELLE Magazine!

Also check out Dr. Perricone’s H2 skin care.

  • Water
  • Min. H2
  • Pre-Package





H2 Hubb recommends only tested hydrogen products that offer a legitimate therapeutic potential to the human body. All hydrogen products recommended by H2 Hubb have been through a detailed analysis and tested personally by H2 Hubb for an extended period of time, to ensure quality, efficacy, and hydrogen production. H2 Hubb attempts to recommend the best H2 products the US market has to offer. We have done and will continue to do our due diligence to research multiple companies and H2 products. We try to recommend a wide range of hydrogen products in all price ranges in order to guarantee that virtually everyone can be able to try H2 therapy via our H2 recommendations.  

H2 Hubb is passionate about providing the customer the facts and science behind hydrogen gas and giving customers all the assurance they need to make the conscious decision of purchasing the recommended products. We want people who are interested in hydrogen and H2 Hubb to feel confident they are buying and receiving the top end hydrogen products on the market.

The recommended H2 companies support H2 Hubb and especially H2 Hubb’s vision of making the science of H2 easy. Financial support, if any, from recommended products/companies, goes to fund H2Ministries and/or H2Minutes. H2Ministries Inc. is a not for profit faith-based charitable organization that is centered on providing hydrogen therapy for free to its community and eventually the US. H2Minutes is a free educational video series discussing all things H2, from its benefits to the misconceptions surrounding it.

Disclaimer: H2 Hubb LLC is not affiliated with any of the recommended companies. While H2 Hubb trusts these companies, it is not responsible for any negative experiences. Any customer service and/or product complaints should be directed towards the specific company.


Performance Standards

These are the minimum requirements products must perform at to be recommended by us. For quality, consistency, and honesty that consumers can count on.

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Product Scores

Each recommended product gets scored for every category and overall. We want you to know what you are getting before you get it.

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